New search option within our Atlasprof directory

Finding an Atlasprof in your area is as simple now as never before. As of now, all AtlasPROfilax websites offer a new search option within the Atlasprof directory. 

The so-called geocode search allows you to just enter your ZIP, street name or city in order to get the closest Atlasprofs to you. The new search option is based on Google maps. You can also still search for all Atlasprofs in one country and also search by keyword.

Together with the option "Get directions" and "Make an Appointment", our Atlasprof Web Directory offers you now complete service from finding the Atlasprof of your choice up to sending an appointment request directly from the according Atlasprof directory entry. 

Please remember: 

Only AtlasPROfilax® practitioners who are listed in the Official Atlasprof® Web Directory are certified Atlasprof®s and are acting according to the rules and standards of both International Association of Qualified Atlasprof®s (IAQA) and AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland® AG resp. AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland Latin America SAS.